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Why sail a Catamaran instead of a Monohull? | Tag Yachts

In the world of sailing, catamarans or multihulls are notorious for being extremely reliable boats in terms of comfort and performance. The speed, stability and large capacity of a catamaran are valuable factors which put them in favor over any monohull. It is because of two simple reasons the performance of a catamaran is notably the better option: less drag and more power! The major increase in speed over a monohull is mainly determined by the hull shape, catamarans make use of needle like hulls which significantly reduce drag. The weight of a catamaran is another contributing factor to the amazing performance of multihulls. Typically because they are lighter and have less displacement (weight) because multihulls do not require a keel counterweight. The key fact is that catamarans have phenomenal stability: they do not heel under way and do not roll at anchor. This usually makes seasickness a non-event. Incidentally, it makes it somewhat safer for kids running around. Whether at anchor or under way a catamaran is always much more stable than a monohull. Stability is also a good factor for elderly people and/or first time sailors. As a matter of fact, a catamaran will give the latter an excellent impression for their first cruise, instead of memories of being seasick!

In terms of luxury and comfort a multihull undoubtedly takes the win over any monohull. The highlight of a catamaran is generally the cockpit. It is usually huge, since it spans over both hulls. The cockpit and the salon are on the same level, which enhances the feeling of light and spaciousness, along with the typical huge panoramic windows. The foredeck area is very large as well and sports a big pair of nets between the hulls, the notorious trampolines, which make a great sun bathing area. In any case, it is a great observation spot and a kids’ favorite. As a result of this roominess, a catamaran rarely feels crowded, as it is relatively easy to get some seclusion and quietness from other members of the party. Most cats are equipped with dinghy-davits at the transom, which is absolutely great: no more towing the dinghy, thus no more drag on the boat speed. Down below deck a catamaran will provide you with considerably more room than a monohull almost everywhere on the boat: in the cabins and in the salon. Besides, there is ample headroom everywhere. Most cats have an enormous salon/cockpit combination capable to entertain about 20 people in style! Because of the cats’ layout configuration, there is full privacy in every cabin offering the crew on-board a truly comfortable and luxurious sailing experience.





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