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Top Yacht Charter Destination - The South Pacific

The South Pacific is home to some of the World’s most magnificent places. Completely unique in their varying cultures and languages the Islands of Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, Guinea and Tahiti are what sailing in the South Pacific is all about. This corner of the World offers those interested in chartering a yacht or catamaran a wealth of destinations to sail to. If you’re looking for an intangible experience, one that’s far from home and involves exploration at its best, sailing in The South Pacific is where you want to be!

The Pacific Islands are subdivided into Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia and classified as either high or low islands. The area covers 11 million square miles and offers limitless opportunities for divers to get up close and personal with the abundant sea life. On land there are multiple outdoor activities to be enjoyed such as hikes around active volcanoes, community tours and visits to the local markets. Of course, luxuries are not found only in the natural world, as many of the islands offer fabulous five-star resorts and restaurants.
Tahiti would be the best place to start your yacht charter in The South Pacific. The first and most noticeable thing when you arrive in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti will be the vast contrast between the lush greens of the indigenous rainforests surrounded by the clear-blues of the ocean. Papeete is a wonderful place to explore before boarding your yacht, a short trip to nearby Cooks Bay will draw your mind back to the 1700’s when Captain Cook first set shore in the area. Historical and cultural relevance here will spike your interest in the South Pacific for the rest of your sailing trip.
The Cook Islands are the next stop on your journey. Beautiful coral reefs and breath-taking lagoons make way for white-sand beaches lined with palm trees that herald your arrival from sea. The 15 islands that make up the chain rank among the best waters in the world for scuba diving. Explore myriad sea life along with a host of shipwrecks below the tranquil waters. With underwater visibility up to 200 feet, this location will provide you with ample opportunities for both advanced and beginner scuba and snorkeling divers. When you head ashore, you’ll find that tourism hasn’t infiltrated the islands in the way it has other parts of the South Pacific, making your experience that much more enjoyable.
After exploring Cook Islands, make your way to Fiji, one of the favorite destinations for travelers to the South Pacific. The epicenter of the region, this is where cultures collide, creating a unique mix of Melanesia, Polynesia, India, and the Pacific—all tinged with both ancient and modern traditions. Of the 322 inhabitable isles, only 106 have residents, leaving more than 200 untouched. Sail your yacht to one of these and enjoy all the benefits of your own private island. You may even run across a hot spring, a remnant of the islands’ inactive volcanoes. And, if the island is all yours, leave the swimsuit on the yacht and enjoy some natural wonders up close and personal.





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