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Any time is a great time to charter a yacht and take the opportunity to get out and explore. Many destinations offer wonderful temperature year round, welcoming you to play on the sand or the sea. Whether you prefer world-class resorts and prime dining or the more natural environments that offer you cultural experiences, all this awaits you to a less hurried time. Of course, you can always mix it up with a little of both! No matter where you head this year for your yachting adventure, you’re sure to create memories for a lifetime.

The Caribbean…

If you are looking for tropical climates, warm clear water and want to enjoy the diversity of land and sea activities… The Caribbean islands are the perfect charter grounds for you. This area of paradise completed by an assortment of islands and reefs, volcanoes’, waterfalls and underwater hot springs makes your outdoor entertainment value an explorers dream.

It is highly recommended when chartering your yacht or catamaran to begin your Caribbean sailing trip in the Virgin Islands. The islands include the US Islands of St Thomas, St Croix and St John’s. In the area you will find some of the most exquisite beaches in the world, luxurious hotels if you’re looking for a nights stay on the island and engaging in the local night life. Snorkelling, diving, shipwreck excursions and fine dining are just a few of the other endless opportunities to be enjoyed. Sailing to your next destination, Antigua and Barbuda come highly recommended, especially during the sailing season as these islands are considered to be the most historically important base in the Caribbean. There you will find an array of historical treasures, shipwrecks and the most significant bird sanctuaries throughout the region. Continuing your yacht charter in the Caribbean you’ll find yourself wanting to tour the island known as Martinique. The Islands capital, Fort de France will surely entice your senses and surprise you with its sights, sounds and smells. This culturally rich island boasts markets of fresh fish, fruits, spices and vegetables.

The Caribbean is sure to be a great sailing destination, if not the best sailing destination in the world. It accommodates all sorts of travelers, whether its luxury and beautiful locations you seek, or a playground of endless fun and exploration. The Caribbean itself is truly an ocean of gold.

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