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Chartering and sailing a luxury catamaran in Australasia is truly a rare experience. Here you will be given the opportunity to witness the magnificent coral reefs of Queensland to the historical ports of Tasmania or the ancient green peaks of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. Australia is known as the world largest island, its climate is determined by the tides of the ocean therefore offering two very different types of landscapes to explore. Vast areas of tropical rainforest as well as arid desert areas are home to some of the most magnificent wild life in the world. Australia and New Zealand offer outdoor experiences like no other, same fare and beautiful, others wild and exciting. Although New Zealand and Australia are neighbouring countries their landscapes make them seem worlds apart. The warm ocean currents help New Zealand maintain a nearly year-round climate perfectly suited for land and sea adventures. These two extraordinary islands encompass entire worlds, ranging from glaciers and ancient rainforests to hot-water beaches and thermal spas.

Your recommended Itinerary for chartering and sailing a luxury or high performance catamaran in Australia & New Zealand would undoubtedly have to begin with experiencing the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef stretches 2000km along the eastern coast of Queensland Australia and is the largest barrier reef in the world. Witness the ocean and its wonders at its best by diving and snorkelling or even catch your own seafood dinner. While moving through the reef, be sure to make a stop in the Whitsundays, a group of islands off the coast of Queensland. These islands offer a mix of national parks and first-class resorts, the area will also pamper you in luxury with the warmth and beauty of the South Pacific. Fraser Island is your next stop, the world’s largest sand island and a place of incredible natural beauty. White sand dunes and fresh-water lakes are home to an amazing ecosystem of bird, marine, and wildlife.

When sailing your catamaran to your next destination we recommend moving down the eastern coast to Sydney, Australia’s most vibrant city. The stunning Sydney harbour is the ideal location for your watercraft, be it a yacht, catamaran, powerboat, or corporate yacht charter. The Hawkesbury River, just north of Sydney, winds for more than 50 miles inland through spectacular sandstone cliffs, small towns, uninhabited islands, and forest woods. If you’re looking for a more relaxed pace and want to enjoy fine dining cuisines and wines Tasmania is the perfect place. Tasmania is a small island off the southern coast of New South Wales, across the water from Melbourne but it is a sure place to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

New Zealand has something unique to offer yacht charters on both of its islands. Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, Coromandel, and the Bay of Islands showcase miles of coastline, freckled with offshore islands and stunning beaches. The south island offers protected waterways and the spectacular scenery of Marlborough and Milford Sounds as well as the natural beauty of the Abel Tasman. New Zealand has some of the very best in world-class cuisine and wine, which means whether you charter a bareboat, crewed, powerboat, catamaran or luxury yacht, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it in style.





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