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The TAG 60 XR | Tag Yachts

Engineered for Strength, Safety and Performance



1. The TAG60XR is a full carbon structure using Hexel Fabrics, Gurit Epoxies and Corecell foam. All top of the range products and specified by GURIT/SP High Modulus Composite Engineers in New Zealand.. Further to this we use Spabond 345 for adhesives and full carbon taping for tabbing and bonding in bulkheads.


2. Engineering – The TAG60 is engineered to comfortably withstand full righting moment which means it is designed to fly a hull. The safety margins are in the range of 2-5 – 3 working loads. The skin thickness of the TAG60 is 20% more than other products and we also use various density structural foam cores for high impact areas and below the waterline. High Modulus also tested the structure with a FEA (finite element analysis) to ensure the engineering.


3. Structural layout and form – The TAG60 is designed with soft forms to limit point loading. Large radii are used to evenly spread loads. There are also 17 bulkheads and ring frames and double bridge deck floor, incorporated in the layout which makes for a very strong and stiff structure. Further to this the front cross beam is integrated into the structure along with the compression beam, and bowsprit. The inner hull and bridge deck is also laid up in one mould ensuring structural integrity. Our competitors use various parts which are then joined or bolted on. These are areas where flex can occur. The TAG60 structure is designed & engineered to work as one unit.


4. This complex structure adds time to build but does ensure for a very stiff platform. This not only translates into good performance when sailing but also a very safe structure.



1. The TAG 60 is built with a wetpreg layup using wet out machines to ensure the correct fibre to resin ratio. This ensures the correct resin content throughout the structure. Infusion processes can achieve the same but there is also the risk that certain areas are resin starved.


2. Quality control process – During the construction samples are sent to either Gurit Laboratories or local laboratories to ensure the correct resin/fibre ratio and void content or consolidation tests.


3. Post Cure – Once the structure is complete the entire yacht is post cured to Gurit specifications over 16 hours not including ramp times. This not only ensures the strength of the resin matrix but also minimises any movement in the structure for painting and faring resulting in a high quality finish.


4. Surveys – We have 4 surveys done by an independent marine surveyor during the build process in addition to the safety surveys required. The TAG60XR is built to CE standards and is CE approved.





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