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Thailand. New Charter Yacht Show Announced for the Asia Pacific Region. | Tag Yachts

Thailand. New Charter Yacht Show Announced for the Asia Pacific Region.


An international event is set to promote growing numbers of super yachts and sailing vessels alike visiting the Asia Pacific Region.

The organisers of the Singapore yacht show have confirmed the launch of a new charter yacht show, to be hosted annually at Phuket Yacht Haven in Thailand. The show will be held in mid December 2014. It will combine the best aspects of yacht charter, boating industry and consumers alike.

After several years of really focused promotion, the numbers of yachts visiting Asia is at last becoming significant and growing rapidly. The organisers of the show see the region from Myanmar and the Andaman Sea, to Australasia and the Pacific Islands as being very important for the international industry.


The event is being launched with the support of all local industry, and will showcase everything the Asia Pacific Region has to offer as a stunning charter and cruising destination.

The Asia Pacific Region is fast becoming a favourite winter destination for Mediterranean-based owners and captains. As yachts and their owners get more and more adventurous, the Asia Pacific Stands out as one of the few remaining areas of astounding and unspoilt beauty left to explore.


Significant improvements in infrastructure and transport links within the region mean that it is easier than ever for yachts to visit this part of the world. As the destination continually grows in popularity the new show will fill a gap in the market to showcase the region specifically as a charter option.




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