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The TAG 50 is a genuine performance sailing cat. It belongs to the new breed of sailor who wants to have their cake and eat it. The basics of a performance sailing multihull are:

  • Light weight with optimal weight concentrations
  • Sufficiently large sail area
  • Slender hulls with high bridge deck clearance, easily driven through a range of wave states, with lots of low down buoyancy forward/wave piercing bow shape
  • Stiff structure (less platform torsion for improved rig tensions)
  • High aspect, performance foils for greater lift for less drag
  • Light, stiff rig
  • Upwind angles to rival performance monohulls
  • Sailing at greater than the true wind speed up into the mid teens

The sum of all details in all aspects of vessel design and construction

Combine these needs with the needs of handling and safety and you have the TAG 50.

The rig specifications vary between the models from and easy to use reliable and solid aluminium rig to a fixed carbon rig and then the full race specification Carbon rotating wing mast. Each designed to get you sailing the TAG50 easily and efficiently to your expectations. Deck hardware is Harken throughout





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