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Shared Ownership - A Revolutionized Opportunity to Own your Dream Yacht! | Tag Yachts

The yachting experience is one of a kind. Owning a Tag Yacht gives you the ability to Explore, Discover and Play where ever the wind in your sails may take you. The travel opportunities are endless and are made affordable and conveniently possible with our latest shared ownership program.

The pro’s of owning a Tag Yacht through shared ownership dilutes your costs to a fraction of a price with the exceptional benefits of dismissing all worries and concerns surrounding regular maintenance, insurance, dock-age and haul-outs of the yacht as well as the organizing of experienced crew.

Allow your vision to set sail & the Tag 60 or Tag 50 (XR) – True high performance sailing catamarans take you sailing around the world in complete luxury. These next generation catamarans with futuristic design and the most advanced systems on-board, your dream can undoubtedly come true.


The TAG Shared Ownership Program

The TAG Shared Ownership Program is a structure whereby a group of approximately 5 – 12 individuals acquire a Tag 60 or a group of 5 persons acquire a Tag 50 (XR) through the purchasing of shares through a company that owns the said asset.

The asset is then cost effectively and conveniently managed by a skilled management company that will, on behalf of the share owners, provide a turnkey operation, allowing the owners to arrive and enjoy their cruising and leisure time.

This particular form of ownership offers the client a one of a kind opportunity to engage in a leisure dream!


Caribbean TAG 50 (XR) Ownership Scheme

Tag Yachts having recently attended the Cannes Boat Show with much demand and interest in the Tag 50 (XR) has developed a shared ownership scheme tailor made to suite a total of 5 interest clients in owning a Tag 50 (XR).

The yacht will essentially be based in the Caribbean and Florida Region and the ownership scheme implemented in early 2015.

The current Tag 50 (XR) Ownership Scheme has 3 interested, like-minded clients ready to enter into this program. Tag Yachts is looking to share the demand with another 2 interest clients.

This is the first opportunity of our specialized Tag 50 (XR) Ownership Scheme that is going on offer. For further details into the program and information regarding the particulars of the Tag 50 (XR) Ownership Scheme please contact Doug Koch






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