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Tuesday, 01 October, 2013 16:08 Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 October, 2013 16:08 Written by Doug


The TAG 60 was built with ease of sailing in mind. This is practically the largest yacht a couple would want to handle. The 60 foot range of catamaran provides good performance, and manageable maintenance schedules, which ensure you are able to enjoy the sailing lifestyle. The TAG 60 offers excellent sailing capabilities on all points of sail and with the hydraulic joystick controls all functions are easy to manage from each of the dual helm stations by the captain.


When you sail this yacht you will feel truly connected and part of the boat. The helm position gives you a perfect view of looking forward to see the oncoming sea so that you can stay in the “groove” and react to any changes. One can see straight down the outer hull and you can sail the big cat like you would a beach cat. This allows for a smoother and more responsive ride.The helm position also gives you a great vantage point to view the sails. Trimming is precise with the hydraulic system. Docking is a breeze as the helmsman has a clear view and there is no need to ask anyone for distance information.


The feel of the solid link steering system is direct and gives good feedback, similar to a vehicles system. Once again you feel as if you are part of the boat. You can truly sail the boat on feel. The instruments are there but this design allows you to feel the performance and when you are in the groove you can really experience sailing.


Even when sailing into short choppy seas, the motion is comfortable with no slamming or pounding due tho the high 1.3m bridgedeck clearance. The boat is very stiff and there is no flex in the structure. This makes the motion very comfortable as the response to the sea state is very direct.


Tacking is smooth and the boat passes through the eye of the wind easily. Even if you don’t have max speed there is little chance of stalling. The boat is really manoeuvrable.


It takes some getting used to, but having the convenience of joystick controls allows you to manage, trim and sail the TAG60 with ease. The helmsman can make adjustments without asking anyone to help or having to relieve the helm. Physically it is obviously less demanding and this means you will constantly trim the boat as needed.






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