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Do you like the feeling of being free, getting up close to nature and forgetting about life on land?

Sailing lets you immerse yourself in the elements with only your dreams on the horizon. Using all parts of your body, the boat, wind and sea, you will get the feeling of gliding over the water with nothing there to stop you. A real rush of adrenalin will get you feeling great for days.

Learning to sail in the UK

Sailing is not just for people with lots of money or the really competitive, it’s a great part of a healthy lifestyle and can be just a relaxing time spent out on the water exploring the ocean, rivers, beaches and secret spots that can only be accessible by boat.

Do you like the sound of being in a secluded bay with only the sea and beaches in sight? Diving off the bow of the boat to explore what the sea has to offer? Or entering a race and exploiting your competitive nature? Sailing can offer all of these and so much more…

There are many ways of getting into sailing. Joining a sailing club or a yachting school is a great way to meet like minded people who share the same passion and interest of being out on the water. Sailing schools and clubs are also a great place to try out different boats, there are a lot of boats out there to experiment with so try and have a go on as many as you can to find the one that is right for you. A great thing about sailing is that it can be a very social sport both on and off the water.

Along with the wonderful experiences that can be had by sailing a yacht or catamaran, there are also lots of benefits to keeping yourself healthy and sailing is a great way of exercising. Sailing yachts or catamarans can be a fast moving sport whether you are racing or going for a cruise, the elements around you can always change but using some of the components of fitness you should be able to control the yacht and keep it in an upright position.

Your quality of life can improve from sailing and this is due to the exercise carried out. It will make you feel and look better and sailing will become easier with a good physique. Muscular endurance is important in sailing because if you are racing or just sailing around you have to use your arm strength when pulling the sail in and core muscles and leg muscles when hiking out to prevent cap-sizing.

Agility is also a large factor when being good at sailing as you must be able to move around the yacht or catamaran effectively and quickly when tacking and gybing. Also, when hiking out the explosive movements would be leaning in and out this would prevent you the sailor from capsizing, and would help keep the boat as flat as possible to produce maximum speed. To move across the boat you need speed as the wind changes and the balance of the boat changes all the time which means you need to act fast and react with your movements to keep the boat upright. A lot of the other components of fitness are also important such as reaction time and power. They all work together at different times within the duration of the activity.


Body composition is not as important as the other as long as you have the flexibility to move under the boom and can control where the weight of your body goes, it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are!

All of these factors in your fitness will increase as you sail more and more, do not think that you need to be a finely tuned athlete to get into a boat for the first time, this is not the case at all. Sailing is accessible for anyone!




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