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Classic Sailing Adventures - Part One | Tag Yachts

Pack your sea legs for this whip up around the World’s sailing spots.


The British Virgin Islands


What happens when steady trade winds meet an island-flecked channel with tame currents and hundreds of protected bays? A sailing fantasy land! There are more than 40 islands and hundreds of anchorages, all within sight of each other. The BVI’S are one of the planets easiest places to sail – more than a third of all visitors, from beginners to old hands, come to do just that.

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Bay of Islands, New Zealand


This small Island Nation has a habit of throwing up some of the World’s best sailors and has one of the highest per-capita rates of boat ownership in the world. Famed for its stunning coastal scenery, the bay of islands is one of New Zealand’s most worthwhile attractions, punctuated by dozens of coves and filled with clear waters ranging in hue from turquoise to deep blue.








Travelling to Zanzibar, in the Indian Ocean off the Coast of Tanzania, is like being transported through the centuries to the ancient kingdoms of Persia. The Old Stone Town, where everyone arrives, is easily one of Africa’s most evocative locations. Turquoise waters and picture – perfect beaches are trademarks of the Spice Island, and cruising aboard a traditional dhow (an ancient Arabic sailing vessel) is a tip-top way to explore the surrounding archipelago and first class diving and snorkelling sites.








Croatia recently dubbed as ‘the new Greece’, ‘the new Tuscany’ or ‘the new Riviera’ has clearly become the latest gotta-go destination for the in-crowd. But for all the hype, Croatia’s pleasures are more timeless than trendsetting; as ever, the sun shines brilliantly on the crystalline Adriatic Sea, which gently laps a 1778km coastline and no fewer than 1185 Islands. That gives you a lot of coastline to explore, and there’s no better way to do this than to sail it. The most popular place to dock is the hoity-toity island of Hvar, flush with well – heeled yachties, but you should also set sail for hidden coves, traditional fishing villages and more remote island groups like Kornati or Elafiti.








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