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Classic Sailing Adventures Around the World Part Two | Tag Yachts

Classic Sailing Adventures Around the World Part Two

Continuing our search for the most classic sailing adventures around the world we’ve summarized some of the more glamorous to the more exotic sailing adventure locations…


Where in the World would you rather be?


The French Riviera





Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Monaco – this celebrated coastline is loaded with legend, myth and celebrity scandal. From billion-dollar real estate to hedonism aboard monumental yachts, there’s no disputing the sheer glitz and glamour of the French Riviera. If you want to live the lifestyle, befriends a Hollywood Rock Star or a European Royal and pose artfully on the deck of their boat. Failing that, head to Antibes or Cannes to hire a set of sails. Even if it’s just a small oceangoing craft, stock the fridge with champagne and caviar and live out a little of the fantasy.


The Nile River, Egypt






For millennia the Nile was Egypt’s main transport corridor and today’s travellers get the perfect chance to get off – road and sail into history. For multiday river jaunts, budget-friendly feluccas (small, traditional canvas-sailed boats) and dahabiyyas (more-luxurious houseboats, which have become the Rolls Royce of the Nile) have it all over the big cruisers. They use sail power instead of engines so more time is spent on the river, and they can stop at small islands or antiquities sites that are skipped by the cruise boats. By night, recharge your batteries after hot, history- heavy days by star gazing and listening to the sounds of the river.


Whitsunday Islands, Australia







A prime holiday hot spot off the Queensland coast, the Whitsundays are the stuff of postcard designers’ dreams – cloudless skies, azure seas and 74 flawless islands. Much of this half-drowned mountain range belongs to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, so you’ll find kaleidoscopic coral gardens, sea turtles and a mind-boggling array of fabulous fish. Diving or snorkelling straight off your yacht is incomparable and sailing is huge business, with boats and tours catering to everyone from first-timers to professionals.




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