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Apartment Style Living.




The interior styling is one of simplicity, clean lines, light and space. A modern contemporary Italian apartment style is what comes to mind. By combining modern synthetic materials, Carbon and white and pink Beech wood finishes, with designer lighting and fittings  the result is  a warm but classic feeling.


The upper deck and living area comprises of a well layed out galley with panoramic views and good ventilation, which is designed with the cooking triangle in mind.


The galley serves directly onto a carbon bar counter with comfortable seating for 4. The galley is simply layed out but has all the conveniences from stainless steel finish double fridge/freezers, gas oven, stove, dishwasher and designer sinks, Washer/Dryer,Icemaker and combi microwave.


The saloon/lounge area which is towards the back of the yacht is enclosed unlike traditional designs. The large aft  electrically controlled sash windows drop into the walls to connect to the outdoor cockpits. One can thus control the air flow and also have one side open and the other closed in breezy weather. The leather seating  is ample  for 8 -10 and the saloon table doubles as a dining table with variable height and also moves aft to ensure comfortable dining. LED lighting is task specific and dimmable.

The unique connection between  the interior and exterior spaces allows each person their choice of space but everyone is still together. 




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