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Update Tag Yachts.                   Dec 2013

Dear Sir,

I hope you are keeping well. A short e-mail to keep you informed of some interesting developments taking place at Tag Yachts.

Tag 50:

In September we launched the Tag 50 with excellent results. To date two boats sold and a ever growing interest list. We hope to start the tooling process early next year.  There are three models priced as follows:
+ Cruiser $ 830k.
+ GT $ 1060k.
+ XR $ 1400k.

Tag 60:

Phoenix our third boat (Tag 60 –XR) will be doing its sea trails shortly. Phoenix will be available for test sailing in St Francis Bay South Africa. Phoenix is in the market for $ 2.85 mil, the (Tag 60 –XR base price) however Phoenix has $ 200k worth of extras added.

Stardust our second boat based in Palma is also available for viewing and or test sailing subject to the weather. With the seasoning coming to a close in the Med why not consider a few days in sunny South Africa combine your test sail with some tourism activities. Visit our beautifully city of Cape Town, take a drive up the coast through the famous Garden Route, take a few days on Safari and visit us in the unique holiday village of St Francis Bay our home town.

Shared Ownership:

Due the incredible response to the Tag 50 we have three “like mind” clients committed to a shared ownership program. The boat selected is a Tag 50 (XR) to be based in the Caribbean – Florida area.  The boat will be available mid 2014 subject to finding another two to three like mind people.

If you require any information about Tag Yachts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Doug Koch.





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